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A mental health-informed, 8 week program dedicated to healing different aspects
of a mother’s life while developing genuine connections with other women who share similar journeys of motherhood.
For once, the focus will not only be on just you as a mother.
You will be able to focus healing in all aspects of your life as you build your own support network with other moms in the program.

This program was designed for Moms tired of living life barely surviving, who are ready to change their life narrative to thriving by healing her whole self, as a mother, her relationships and life outside of the home (work, passions) alongside women who share similar paths in their journey of motherhood. 


Do you

feeling overwhelmed and/or

sadness more often than usual?

having difficulty bonding

with your baby/child?

struggling to communicate your needs to your

significant other?

burnt out with juggling home/life and work responsibilities?

Together, we will dedicate your self-transformation by focusing on four aspects of your life: 

Whole Self

You as a woman; reclaiming your identity (what women often feel is lost in various seasons of motherhood).

Whole Family

Your role within your immediate family (children and spouse)

Whole Relationships

How you show up in friendships and to loved ones

Whole Professional

Your life outside of the home can be your career or anything you do that gives back to others while

bringing you joy

I created Mama Village group coaching because I know what it’s like to lose yourself to the many roles we are responsible as mother, wife, and professional.

 I have seen the transformation that can take place when a woman who is drowning emotionally and mentally receives adequate support. 



As a mother of two, I can definitely relate to that sentiment.  I understand the varying challenges that come with being a mother and know the value of having a community of other moms while navigating these challenges.

 Over the last eight years of working as a therapist, I have worked with children/youth and families in both individual and family therapy.

 Providing direct mental health services to children and families has further influenced my commitment to helping mothers navigate personal and parenting challenges. 


We provide support through our community of moms

Every woman is seen, heard,

and supported by other moms who have been there

Designed with the challenges you face with desired outcomes in mind

No judgement, safe space

zone. Each mama is carefully selected for this group

Weekly, live 60 minute group sessions

with licensed therapist, Krystalynn Williams LMFT for 8 weeks

Private online community

on Slack

Access to live 

recorded sessions

Handouts and worksheets to add to your self-care tool box


$957 FOR 8 WEEKS





I have been part of several mom groups and have yet to find one that is led by a licensed marriage and family therapist that understands the psychological needs that mothers are navigating while managing responsibilities for both themselves and those they care for.


I know what it's like to seek supportive spaces and see where they fall short.


It is important to me that not only is there a community for moms to gain support but also to provide a research-informed curriculum that supports the mental health needs for moms who are managing work and home responsibilities.

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